I teach a General Education Module which has a typical class size of 290 with students from varied backgrounds (Engineering, Science, Architecture, Business, Arts/Social Science) and in different years of study (1st to 4th year). One of the assignments given to the class is to prepare an audio-visual presentation on a given topic. This is an individual assignment and Ink2go is used for the recording of the presentation. Ink2go has been used for this purpose every academic year since 2011. At least a thousand students must have used it and the feedback has been largely positive. Students have found Ink2go easy to use and apply. This is significant given the differing technical competencies that would be expected from such a large cohort of students. The resulting output meets my expectations and I expect to continue with the use of Ink2go for this assignment.

Professor Go Mei Lin, Faculty of Pharmacy, The National University of Singapore

I'd like to purchase Ink2Go as a site license option to be used on a couple of computers in our lecture halls and science labs.

Mitch Albers, Science Chair, Minneapolis Community & Technical College

Our pilot faculty member is very happy with the software.

Matthew Regan, Yale University

Hello, I've been testing your product and have been very impressed.

Omair Aasim

Hi, I'm demoing and love it. I'll certainly help out with the reviews. It's a very sweet app.


I like your program and it seems to be exactly what I need. I do presentations using different software and want to be able to write on the screen to point out different tools etc. This program does that.

Sue Green-Baker

First, absolutely LOVE that there is FINALLY a product that will allow me to annotate slides in Keynote. Thanks! Thanks again for such a great product!

Ray Barber, Pleasant Valley High School Chico, California

I purchased your app to try in the classroom and so far am very impressed.

Jim Cartlidge

Hi, I’ve purchased ink2go a few months ago, and am enjoying it.

Ansar Khan

My name is Mark Halberstadt and I recently purchased your app "Ink2Go” on the Apple App Store. I really enjoy using the app and I think your development team has done a great job building something that is incredibly useful. Thanks so much for the app. It really is a great concept and a great execution. I think adding the things I mentioned would really knock it out of the park for me.

Mark Halberstadt

I am THRILLED to find you! I have spent almost 12 hours of searching for software to draw on my Keynote presentations which includes Quicktime video. Ink2Go is the ONLY one to do the job without advancing the slides!

Larry Sasaki

Awesome idea you are developing here!!

Dr Tim Tyson,

After almost a semester using Ink2Go for six classes a week, I am very pleased with its function and stability.

Russell Geanangel, Professor of Chemistry

Just bought Ink2Go, excellent program.

Mark Halberstadt

Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful reply. Great support indeed. Thank you very much!

Sakis Rizos

After trial (developers site), I purchased this nice app via MU Promo. I had problems to register my version. So I wrote to the developer 2 times to find help. Every time I had a response within 24h! The app works very fine, is really very amazing, and I am very happy to see what I can do in a very, very simple way with this nice app. For me, for my use, it is a little pearl that I found on the Web! Thanks to the developer!

F Rol (France)

Ink2Go is a nice tool designed to draw on your screen, in any application (including Keynote or PowerPoint), to make effective presentations. A white board mode is available. It can record your screen (very basic feature, but enough to record a presentation). The video quality is average and "jumps" when screen is getting filled with the drawing tools. But for 20 bucks, you've got a nice little app anyone can pilot from his mouse or keyboard. Efficient, cheap and RAM friendly. Very good!

Vincent Krief